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Ms. Livia Li arguably is one of the most active figures in London linking British and Chinese arts and design talents, thoughts and works together. Ms. Li has nearly 20 years’ experience in arts and design industries, with her the most recent 7 years in a senior manager role at the University of the Arts London - the largest arts and design higher education institution in Europe, where she worked on the University’s training and consulting business strategy and implementation in the Far East. Her previous clients include Deutsche Bank Art, Crystal CG Group, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, China Europe International Business School, Daphne International Holdings and many others leading organisations. 




Publications: Guardian Ten Years series of books (editor/co-author, 2003), The Full Collection of World Arts: World Folk Arts Volume (author, 1999), How to Appreciate Arts and Crafts (co-author, 1998) 

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